Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Dura Dry 105 #171368 for sale

Dura Dry 105
ID: 171368
Dry Pump PART #171501.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Dura Dry 105 is a rotary vane mechanical pump used to create vacuum environments in laboratories, medical equipment, and industrial processes. The principle behind the 105 is relatively simple. A rotor equipped with blades turns inside a cylinder, creating a vacuum chamber. As the rotor turns, the blades sweep out air and other gasses, compressing them inside the cylinder. Since air is compressible, the air pressure inside the cylinder drops, thus creating a vacuum chamber. The 105 pump is designed to safely and efficiently generate medium to high vacuum pressures. The 105 features a direct drive motor, meaning that the rotor itself, not a belt system, is connected directly to the motor. This allows for a more efficient transfer of power to the rotor, allowing it to provide faster, more powerful pumping. It also makes maintenance and repair simpler, as the rotor assembly is easier to access. The 105 has a nominal ultimate vacuum pressure of 0.5 mbar, as well as a maximum pumping speed of 50 cubic meters per hour. The 105 is designed to be an incredibly energy efficient pump. It has a variable rotation speed capability, allowing the user to adjust the speed to generate the lowest vacuum levels at the least energy cost. It is also designed to limit friction and vibration, further improving the efficiency of the pump and reducing noise. In addition, it is designed to protect itself from overload by preventing the motor from spinning at an excessive speed. Finally, the construction of the 105 is designed for years of reliable service. It is made out of high-grade aluminum and other durable materials, and features replaceable piston rings and filters that can be easily swapped out if needed. This solid construction, along with a durable and resilient motor, makes the 105 one of the longest-lasting pumps available today. Overall, Dura Dry 105 is an expertly designed, high-performance rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump. Its versatile design allows it to be used in a variety of applications, while its energy-efficient design and durable construction ensures it is able to provide reliable and consistent performance for many years to come.
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