Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150 #143070 for sale

ID: 143070
Vacuum Pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150 is a rotary vane vacuum pump that is used for evacuating and pressurizing many different types of systems, especially in the medical, industrial, and scientific industries. It is a powerful and reliable pump that can be used to evacuate gases, vapors and dust particles. Its performance is superior compared to traditional mechanical pumps, providing consistent and dependable performance over time. The pump features a unique rotary vane design with a stainless steel mounting plate and a polyethylene body, allowing it to stand up to wear and tear. This makes it durable and corrosion-resistant, with an exceptionally long life span. The pump has a high-efficiency motor designed to reduce operating costs, and its compact design is ideal for easy installation and maintenance. It is capable of producing an ultimate vacuum of up to 2.2 mbar, as well as pumping pressures up to 5.4 Bar. E150 is outfitted with high-quality components for superior performance, including high-grade bearings and mechanical seals for long-term reliability. It also has an external bearing system to optimize cooling and reduce internal wear and tear, increasing life span and efficiency. It is designed with a large-capacity oil pump tank to maximize oil capacity and streamline serviceability. The pump is also equipped with integrated sensors to monitor and control the performance of the pump. These sensors are capable of measuring and readout of inlet and outlet pressures, temperature, oil level, pump vibration, and more. It also features a digital display for easy monitoring and quick adjustments in a variety of operating parameters. LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150 pump is an excellent choice for many applications that require reliable and efficient performance. It offers an unbeatable blend of optimized performance, durability and convenience, delivering consistent, maintenance-free operation over time.
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