Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150MP #184109 for sale

ID: 184109
Pump and WAU-500 blower 208 V.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150MP is a pumping system designed for use in laboratory and industrial settings. It is a two-stage, dry-running, rotary-vane pump operating on direct drive oil-sealed technology. E150MP has an ultimate vacuum capability of 7 x 10-2 mbar which makes it ideal for applications requiring a very low working pressure, such as vacuum filtration and freeze-drying. LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150MP has a pumping speed of 150m3h-1, with a built-in cooling fan that helps to minimize the heat generated by the pump motor. The pump motor has a power rating of 0.7kW and operates with standard 380V/50Hz power supply. It is designed with a dedicated speed controller and power switch to maximize the pump performance, and incorporates a fluid-state safety valve and a backing valve. The rotary vane technology used by E150MP helps achieve the low ultimate vacuum pressure by sealing the pumped media without any significant leakage. This makes LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150MP an excellent choice for applications that require an atmosphere that is free of contamination. E150MP is equipped with an integrated, low noise muffler and vibration isolators that help to reduce noise levels when in operation. The integrated electronic controller provides quick start-up, as well as adjustable motor speed to match the process demand. The controller also features adjustable safety interlocks for electrical and mechanical protection in the event of an accidental overload or any other emergency. LEYBOLD HERAEUS E150MP is easy to install, with the inlet and exhaust ports at the front of the pump and the motor on the rear. This layout makes it easy to monitor and adjust the process while the pump is in operation. Additionally, the pump is designed to run without any lubricants in the vacuum, allowing for the efficient and economical operation of the pump over a long periods of time. Overall, E150MP is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient pumping system for laboratory and industrial applications. It's low ultimate vacuum, efficient motor, and streamlined design make it a great choice for any application requiring a low working pressure.
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