Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS E225 #143071 for sale

ID: 143071
Vacuum Pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS E225 pump is a compact, oil-free, rotary-vane vacuum pump and is ideally suited for use in many industrial and laboratory applications. It is capable of reaching high vacuum levels and is capable of reaching a maximum pressure of 760 torr. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications such as laboratory research, food and beverage, secondary packaging, and printing activities. E225 is also widely used for packaging and material handling applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS E225 pump has a low sound operation with a range of noise levels between 47-83 dB depending on speed setting. It provides high flexibility when working with different materials and different processes as it is capable of changing pressure levels quickly and accurately. With its compact design and its electricity consumption of 240Vac, it is ideal for smaller machines and compressed air applications. E225 pump is designed with an advanced oil-free lubrication system, which helps to ensure maximum operational life of the pump. The pump is also equipped with a pressure-regulating valve and an adjustable speed control which allow for optimization of the operating point according to the process requirements. The integrated electronic protection system guarantees safe operation at all times and in all environments. LEYBOLD HERAEUS E225 pump offers excellent efficiency and productivity. It has a high free-running speed of 2,450 rpm, a maximum achievable pressure of 760 torr and an ultimate vacuum of 17 torr. The high-pressure-independent flow rate from 17 to 130 m3/h ensures proper operation in any vacuum application. Its self-lubrication system and the low maintenance cycle of 500 hours make it a reliable workhorse with a long service life. E225 pump is a well-manufactured, reliable and efficient device for any process requiring a vacuum environment. Its ease-of-use and low power consumption make it suitable for any industrial and laboratory application. Its corrosion-resistant metal casing also make it ideal for any harsh environment. With its high-pressure-independent flow rate and its long service life, LEYBOLD HERAEUS 225 pump is an excellent choice for any application demanding a reliable and efficient vacuum pump.
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