Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS E250 #9097921 for sale

ID: 9097921
Rotary piston pump, 250 m3/h.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS E250 is a diaphragm rotary vane vacuum pump that is primarily used for pumping of air and other non-corrosive gases. It is designed for large industrial applications where high efficiency and long working life are paramount. The HERAEUS E250 vacuum pump features an oil-lubricated rotary vane with a single-stage internal compression equipment. It utilizes two impellers in tandem to achieve an optimized displacement performance. The HERAEUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS E250's high-efficiency design helps to reduce operating costs by reducing the amount of energy required to operate the pump. The HERAEUS E250 features a massive 450 m³/hr displacement capacity, allowing it to quickly evacuate large amounts of gas and reach higher vacuum levels with fewer pump cycles. The HERAEUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS E250 also features a unique cooling system that keeps temperatures down, ensuring that the pump remains within its parameters and runs more efficiently. An industrially-rated motor provides further assurance of the reliability and quality of the HERAEUS E250. The HERAEUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS E250 comes with an integrated backup cooling unit, allowing for better heat dissipation during long pumping sessions and ensuring that the motor and oil are kept cool. Its modular construction also makes the HERAEUS E250 easy to assemble and maintain, reducing downtime and operation costs. The HERAEUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS E250 also includes a three-way safety machine and an oil moisture separator that helps to protect against mechanical faults by absorbing the oil's impurities and preventing them from entering the compression chamber. This ensures that the pump maintains a constant optimal performance and reaches the required vacuum level without any problems. Overall, the HERAEUS E250 is a powerful, efficient, and reliable vacuum pump that is well-suited for large industrial applications. Its high displacement capacity ensures that it can be used for a variety of tasks, and the integrated safety tool and oil moisture separator ensure that it can work in demanding industrial environments. Its ease of assembly and maintenance further add to the HERAEUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS E250's usefulness, making it an excellent choice for any industrial vacuum pumping needs.
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