Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS E75 #147110 for sale

ID: 147110
Rotary piston pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS E75 is a pump designed for commercial and industrial applications. It is the latest in pumping technology and is renowned for its long life and low energy consumption. E75 is an oil-lubricated pump that uses synthetic oil to lubricate the rotors and maintain level of wear and tear, while working at optimal efficiency. It is capable of reaching speeds up to 1500 rpm and operating pressures up to 10 bar. It also features a low vibration and noise, which are perfect to maintain a quiet work environment. The main features of LEYBOLD HERAEUS E75 pump are: Its robust and compact design, which allows the pump to be mounted horizontally or vertically onto the frame; Its exceptionally low power consumption and long working life. Additionally, it has a connection flange that facilitates easy installation and maintenance; The pump also has an intuitive and ergonomic display for easy use and monitoring of all its functions; Its is equipped with a water flow regulator that automatically maintains a constant flow, as well as temperature, pressure and humidity sensors; has a sturdy base that offers stability. E75 is designed for applications such as general industrial processes, lubrication of steam boilers, circulation of hot and cold liquids, cooling of machinery, filtration and wastewater treatment. It is built to provide years of reliable and efficient operation in demanding conditions. Thanks to its outstanding design, LEYBOLD HERAEUS E75 provides a high level of safety due to its motor protection system and overload alarm. Its self-diagnosing features help maintain the high performance of the pump and its reliability over time. E75 is a powerful and efficient pump, perfect for any commercial and industrial application. It offers years of reliable service and is an excellent choice that meets all the requirements to be deployed in demanding and challenging environments.
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