Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000CT #134556 for sale

MAG 2000CT
ID: 134556
Tubo pump ISO 250 flange 160 l/s-1 puming speed Ultimate pressure: 2x10-10mbar.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000CT is a multistage, oil-sealed rotary vane pump. This type of pump is a non-contact, non-metallic pumping device, which uses a group of vanes to create low pressure conditions, enabling the process of vacuum. This multi-stage unit is designed to deliver a continuous pumping speed at a higher pressure, which makes it an ideal pump for applications like industrial degassing, glass process evacuation, and hold processes. In addition, its advanced technology ensures that it is less noisy than conventional vacuum pumps and has a reduced power consumption for a longer service life. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000 CT utilizes an electrically actuated semi-synthetic oil seal to provide a continuous, dependable and sealed operation. This ensures maximum efficiency of the oil-sealed rotary vane pump and improves the interface precision between the motor and the oil seal. This operation also reduces oil consumption, while providing the life expectancy of up to 20000 hours. The pump also features a number of safety features. This includes a compensator, which helps reduce air leakage and keeps the pump operating at optimal pressure levels. It also has an internal oil-level monitoring system that automatically prevents the pump from running dry. MAG 2000CT has a range of accessories available, such as a cold-start kit for improved performance in colder weather, and oscillator allowing for the motor to be run at different speeds, ensuring that the optimal performance is met. MAG 2000 CT oil-sealed vacuum pump uses advanced technology and design features to provide a dependable, cost-effective and energy efficient operation, benefiting the users with a reliable, low noise and low power consumption performance. It is the perfect choice for high-end industrial use.
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