Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000CT #9065511 for sale

MAG 2000CT
ID: 9065511
Turbo pumps P/N: 400045V0009 1,550 LPS.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000CT is a reliable, maintenance-free diaphragm mechanical backing pump designed for use in meeting the requirements of high vacuum applications in laboratory and industrial applications. This unit is engineered to provide maximum performance and service life - ultimately offering a proven solution for industrial and laboratory vacuum pumping requirements. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000 CT is delivered at factory standard with an oil-less operating equipment and is designed to produce an ultimate pressure of 6 x 10-2 mbar (0.4Torr) and to reliably sustain a continuous working pressure down to 5 x 10-3 mbar (0.03Torr). MAG 2000CT comes equipped with a built-in by-pass, contact-less contactor and drive system which offers a reliable, low-maintenance solution. The robust design of the unit allows for low intensity operation and low operational costs. MAG 2000 CT was engineered to deliver maximum performance and superior reliability. The diaphragm-mechanism ensures leak-free operation even in very challenging high vacuum conditions and produces a low noise operation as well as minimal vibration levels. In addition, the unit is equipped with a pumping speed of 20m3/h (11.86 cfm), providing fast evacuation of the unit ensuring a low cycle time for industrial and laboratory applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000CT is available with an additional vacuum chamber specifically designed for condensation protection and is equipped with reinforced end plates and re-enforced housings. Furthermore, the cast iron plates that cover the bearing points ensure increased sturdiness. The diaphragm is made from an elastomeric material and has excellent heat and chemical resistance, which makes it highly resistant to wear and tear and protects the machine from corrosion. Last but not least, LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG 2000 CT is one of the most user-friendly pump available, it has self-diagnostic capabilities and a visual fault indicator which significantly increases safety and availability.
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