Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG-Drive #9097429 for sale

ID: 9097429
Converter with cable Accessories/Features Available: With Plug in Control.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG-Drive is a multi-stage positive displacement pump that is used in a wide variety of industrial applications. This pump is built to stringent standards and is capable of delivering reliable performance in the most difficult of conditions while retaining excellent efficiency. MAG-Drive has a compact design and features a hermetic seal designed to protect the internal components from harmful particulates, corrosive media, and liquids. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG-Drive is capable of delivering high levels of performance for up to 30,000 hours, enabling it to operate for an extended period of time without requiring major maintenance. It has the ability to handle a wide range of head and flow / pressure requirements, making it extremely versatile. This pump is available in 4- and 8-stage versions, providing more power and flexibility than competitor models. Additionally, their MAG-Drive series is easy to install and can be tailored to specific applications, making it simpler to match the correct pump to a customer's needs. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG-Drive is designed with safety in mind, with an integrated safety switch for automatic shutdown of the pump should it not be able to maintain the flow rate and optimal suction pressure. It is also able to provide consistent performance for precise flow control, allowing for precise operation in demanding applications. The pump also features an adjustable drive speed, allowing the operator to select the ideal operating point for maximum efficiency. MAG-Drive is constructed with a heavy-duty cast iron housing that can withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressures, making it highly durable and reliable. The internal components are constructed using industrial-grade materials and are designed to minimize noise and vibration, allowing it to operate quietly in almost any conditions. Additionally, its corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant construction allows it to operate without requiring constant maintenance or repairs. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG-Drive also features a built-in self-monitoring system that can detect any potential defects, such as leakage or blockages. It also includes multiple alarm terminals and a remote interface to inform the operator of any issue in a timely manner. Furthermore, the built-in temperature sensors provide the pump with safety against overheating, reducing the risk of damage caused by excessive temperatures. In summary, MAG-Drive pump is designed to provide reliable performance, even in the most challenging conditions, with its high-grade components and versatile design. It features an adjustable drive speed and a heavy-duty cast iron housing providing excellent durability. It also features an integrated safety switch, a self-monitoring system and temperature sensors, making it one of the safest and most reliable pumps on the market.
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