Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 2200 #9071781 for sale

MAG W 2200
ID: 9071781
Turbo pumps.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 2200 is a vacuum pump designed to create a vacuum by removing the air from a sealed vessel. It uses a double stage mechanical design to ensure a reliable and efficient performance. MAG W 2200 utilizes a two-stage rotary vane mechanism for the compression of air and other gases. This mechanism is ideal for applications such as vacuum process plants, cold electricity, ultra-high vacuum cycle, industrial drying, medical vacuum therapy, and scientific research. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 2200 includes features such as a compression-ringed sleeve that helps ensure an optimal inlet flow and excellent volumetric efficiency. It also features a hermetically sealed motor that helps protect the unit from contamination. Furthermore, the integrated oil-recirculation equipment helps reduce oiling problems and air leaks by ensuring that the lubricating oil in the pump is constantly being replenished. MAG W 2200 is also equipped with a low-noise venting system to provide a quieter operation. This helps reduce downtime in production processes as well as provide a more pleasant work environment. Additionally, the pump is constructed with a low-pressure bypass line for low performance applications, which helps to reduce the number of operating parameters and improve unit efficiency. In terms of serviceability, LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 2200 has maintenance ports on the top of the unit so that service personnel can easily and quickly check the pump for performance and adjustment. Furthermore, the external air-inlet feature gives access to fast and easy maintenance. The pump is also designed with an advanced safety starter machine that helps prevent dangerous situations such as current overload. MAG W 2200 is an advanced and reliable vacuum pump that is perfect for a wide range of industrial, medical, and research applications. It combines high performance with user-friendly features and is designed to maximize efficiency and uptime. With a low-maintenance design and safety features, this pump is an ideal choice for reliable vacuum creation and long-term operation.
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