Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 3200 #9071780 for sale

MAG W 3200
ID: 9071780
Turbo pumps.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 3200 is a membrane-based gas displacement pumping equipment, comprising a number of modules set together into a single, compact package. This advanced design strategically places all the necessary components in the given space, for best optimization of both energy and space efficiency. With a maximum pumping speed of 3200 liters/minute and ultimate pressure of up to 10-6 mbar, this pump is perfect for a wide range of vacuum processes. MAG W 3200 features active gas ballast, which enables the pump to efficiently carry large volumes of gas. This feature allows the user to rapidly change from a low inlet pressure process to a higher pressure process, with no required change to hardware. The pump also features a robust, yet efficient motor module which allows for precise controlling of the level of vacuum and performance of the system. LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 3200's versatile design ensures that it can adapt to different types of gaseous materials, depending on the user's individual needs. Its mechanical design ensures a safe, consistent and reliable performance for chemical, pharmaceutical and other applications. The performance is further enhanced by the use of two-stage bearings that can withstand vibration and shocks, as well as low wear rates. MAG W 3200 has integral controls that allow for remote monitoring of all key performance parameters of the unit. This allows for real-time monitoring of the performance characteristics and efficient operation of the pump. In addition, the controls also display the machine's temperature readings, monitoring pump start and stop sequences, and displaying the tool's over pressure and vacuum. Finally, LEYBOLD HERAEUS MAG W 3200 also offers a high level of safety, with an active monitoring of the nozzle pressure and oil level. All safety factors that are present in the asset are monitored and remotely checked, ensuring that the user will always have the highest possible level of safety. The overall design ensures that MAG W 3200 performs optimally and efficiently, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.
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