Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT 340MC #127454 for sale

NT 340MC
ID: 127454
LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT 340MC is a chemical-resistant, back-draining dry-running diaphragm vacuum pump. This pump is designed and manufactured specifically for process applications and aggressive production environments. NT 340MC is a reliable and high-performance device, and its exceptional features make it an ideal choice for many applications. It offers up to 83 m³/h (50 cfm) of free air capacity at a full vacuum of 30 mbar (abs). LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT 340MC has a sturdy and durable design, utilizing its corrosion-resistant components and rugged construction. Its external housing is made from stainless steel for superior reliability and longevity. Furthermore, this pump offers exceptional thermal protection features, with a special PTFE insulation system to protect its internal components from damage. NT 340MC has excellent pumping speed. It is capable of reaching 60 m³/h (35 cfm) of free air capacity at a full vacuum of 40 mbar (abs). It also features an integrated zero-maintenance oil-free lubrication system, and its drive and pump heads are both oil filled, so LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT 340MC requires minimal maintenance. Plus, it operates quietly, emitting only a noise of 72 dBA. NT 340MC has a wide array of features that make it suitable for many operations. It is designed with a safety level of IP44, which ensures that this pump can handle all environments and works in critical applications. It is also equipped with a condensate drain and service connection for efficient service and maintenance operations. LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT 340MC is reliable and easy to operate. Its intuitive control panel allows for easy access and troubleshooting. This pump is also designed to be compact and lightweight, so that it can be installed anywhere. Additionally, it comes with a 6-month warranty and is designed for maximum efficiency, so that it can offer the most efficient working environment possible.
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