Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT340M #9087674 for sale

ID: 9087674
Turbo pump controllers.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT340M is a precision-engineered rotary vane pump with a high pumping speed, and designed for continuous operation in a wide range of applications. This powerful, compact pump packs a lot of features in a small size, making it ideal for installation in tight spaces. Featuring a variable-speed brushless motor, LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT 340M is an energy efficient device that operates with minimal power consumption. The motor can be set for either constant or intermittent operation and its speed can range from 500 to 2500 rpm. This allows the user to adjust the pump's performance to match the individual requirements of their process. NT340M has an advanced design which makes use of tight-tolerance, precision-machined components to ensure smooth, reliable operation which minimizes downtime. It is equipped with removable oil reservoirs which prevent cross-contamination by venting exhaust air to a separate port. Additionally, NT 340M is isolated from potential external vibration sources which can impact performance. The motor is spring-loaded to ensure automatic and pneumatic alignment with the rotating element while the fan blades are designed to keep the motor running cooler and improve performance. LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT340M offers excellent Ultimate Pressure (up to 1.5 mbar), making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It is designed to handle media such as process gas, flammable gases, non-flammable gases, and neutral gases, and can also be used for vacuum distillation, charging upright dryers, gas sampling, ion implantation processes, and freeze drying among others. The pump also features an auxiliary outlet for the direct connection of drive-specific components or accessories such as vacuum valves, bake-out stations and gas ballast. LEYBOLD HERAEUS NT 340M is appropriately indicated for use with a range of accessories, such as motors, filters and inlets, depending on the application. It offers superior service life with reduced maintenance as the motor can be completely sealed from the atmosphere while the rotary vane is self-lubricating. NT340M also offers superior pumping speed (up to 34 m3/h at atmospheric pressure) with a maximum pumping time of around two minutes. Additionally, the pump's controls can be remotely operated, allowing the user to modify the settings to suit their exact needs. An integrated energy recovery system ensures that no energy is wasted during operation, making NT 340M an efficient and cost-effective option for a variety of pumping requirements.
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