Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS OF 1000C #174283 for sale

OF 1000C
ID: 174283
Oil filtering systems, part number 898550.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS OF 1000C is a rotary vane pump designed for both low and medium vacuum applications that requires pumping speed of up to 1000 liters per minute (LPM). It is usually used to create and maintain a certain level of vacuum in tanks, pipelines and other vacuum systems. The pump is manufactured by Leybold, a world leading provider of vacuum technology and services. The 1000C vacuum pump is designed to deliver excellent reliability and performance. It features a single-stage vaned design which makes it highly efficient in its operation. This design also means the pump is able to handle large volumes of gas, making it suitable for many different applications. The 1000C is also highly resistant to contaminants, which can help to make it long-lasting, even when used in harsh environments. The 1000C model features a high-quality motor, cooling equipment and lubrication system, which makes it a durable and reliable vacuum pump. It also has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to install and transport. This model also boasts a quiet running mode, so it won't disturb the surrounding environment. The 1000C model is equipped with an exhaust filter unit, making it suitable for applications where extraction of contaminants is necessary. This model also features an external oil reservoir, which makes it easy to maintain and refuel. The 1000C model is designed to be maintenance free and is supplied with a comprehensive service pack which includes consumables and spare parts. The 1000C model is designed to meet all safety requirements. It is fitted with a protective cover to protect the user from high temperatures and leakage of any pump liquid. It also has a machine that prevents power surges and excessive temperature, which makes it very safe to operate. The 1000C model comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty, so it is sure to give you peace of mind should any problems arise. It is also covered under a full customer service plan, giving you access to expert help should you ever need it. In conclusion, OF 1000C vacuum pump is a reliable and efficient rotary vane pump ideal for use in low and medium vacuum applications. It is designed to provide outstanding performance and reliability, while being easy to install and maintain.
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