Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WA1001 #9097923 for sale

ID: 9097923
Roots pump.
The LEYBOLD HERAUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WA1001 series rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used in industrial settings as they offer reliable pumping performance for a wide range of applications. The pump is designed specifically to meet high air tightness standards and offer excellent evacuation rates. These pumps are capable of producing vacuum levels as low as 1 x 10-2 mbar, and are capable of generating flows up to 40 m3/h. The LEYBOLD HERAUS RUVAC WA1001 series pumps feature excellent construction and materials, allowing them to provide reliable performance over a long service life. The pump is constructed from cast iron and there are several models available from which to choose. The pump is designed to be highly efficient and operates by using a two-stage rotor and vane equipment. The rotor is designed to rotate at a high speed, while the vanes draw in air from the surrounding environment and transfer it to the outlet of the pump, creating a vacuum. The energy-efficient design of the LEYBOLD HERAUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WA1001 series makes it suitable for both industrial and laboratory applications. The motor is equipped with an electronic control system that ensures that the correct operation parameters are maintained at all times. This helps to reduce energy consumption while providing consistent performance. The electronic motor control unit also makes it easy to monitor and adjust the performance of the pump. The LEYBOLD HERAUS RUVAC WA1001 pump is not only ergonomic, but also user friendly; it is designed for convenient operation and control. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications, from general laboratory work to industrial use. The pump is also equipped with a valve that provides an over-current protection machine, ensuring that the unit does not overheat or produce too much noise. This makes it suitable for use in sensitive environments. The LEYBOLD HERAUS LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WA1001 can be connected to a central tool or operated as standalone units. The pump is also suitable for use in vacuum networks, allowing it to be used in conjunction with other vacuum pumps. The pump is also designed to be serviceable and a wide selection of spare parts and accessories is available. The LEYBOLD HERAUS RUVAC WA1001 is a reliable and efficient pump, capable of providing years of dependable performance. It is a quality product that is built to last, and will provide the user with excellent pumping performance in a range of applications.
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