Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WS501 #9088469 for sale

ID: 9088469
LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WS501 is a robust and reliable rotary vane vacuum pump ideal for all general purpose pumping duties. It consists of two components; the vacuum pump and an oil separator. The rotary vane vacuum pump has a three-phase TEFC motor and a built-in integrated oil recycling equipment that provides automatic cleaning of the system. The oil separator is a compact, lightweight unit consisting of two chambers. The upper chamber of the oil separator acts as a separator for condensate particles. The lower chamber collects the condensation, thereby preventing them from entering the pump during the pumping process. LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WS 501 has excellent suction capacity and is capable of creating a vacuum of up to 1x10-2 mbar absolute. It features an internal mounting and is designed for continuous operation, and it is suitable for both low and high-vacuum applications. The motor is totally enclosed and forced cooled, providing long-lasting and reliable operation. The pump is complete with safety measures, such as a thermal protection for the motor, a vacuum relief port and an external pressure gauge for added safety. RUVAC WS501 is equipped with a control panel making it easy for the user to monitor motor performance and vacuum level. The control panel also displays failure and warning signs, helping the user maintain optimal performance of the unit and avoid costly downtime and repairs. The motor control machine can also be connected to an external computer processing tool, giving the user accurate control of the vacuum and measuring controls quickly and easily. The brushless operation of RUVAC WS 501 makes it very energy efficient, significantly reducing operating costs and helping the user optimize their resources. The vacuum pump features an oil-free design, helping to maintain a high vacuum level and the pump will not suffer the problems associated with overheating or wear. The high-quality materials used to construct the unit make it highly durable, ensuring a long service life. In summary, LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WS501 is an efficient and reliable rotary vane vacuum pump, designed for general purpose pumping duties. It incorporates a number of features, such as an oil separator, a control panel, and a motor control asset, that make it highly user-friendly and efficient. The pump is constructed from high-quality and durable materials, allowing for a long and productive service life.
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