Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WSU251 #174344 for sale

ID: 174344
Pumps with blower packages, warehoused.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WSU251 is a rotary vane high vacuum pump designed to deliver consistent, dependable performance. This compact and powerful pump is renowned for excellent ultimate pressure and highly efficient operation. The WSU251 is highly energy efficient and offers high efficiency, reducing energy costs. RUVAC WSU251 pump has a speed range of 800-9000 rpm, enabling users to select the speed most suitable for the individual application. This speed range gives users control over the throughput of the pump, meaning it can match the best performance results for their application. The WSU251 also has an adjustable inlet vacuum value, allowing users to further optimize the throughput of the pump. The WSU251 features an oil seal-less design, allowing for easy connections and eliminating potential leakage. This unique feature makes the WSU251 pump especially suited for applications requiring low oil emissions and cleanliness. The WSU251 also features a robust mechanical design, improving reliability and lifespan, reducing the need for maintenance. Additionally, the pump has a high-speed bypass system, enabling users to bypass the pump if there is a need to maintain the vacuum level in a system. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WSU251 is a reliable and powerful pump specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of vacuum applications. The WSU251 offers excellent ultimate pressure with adjustable operating speeds and adjustable inlet vacuum values for optimized throughput. Additionally, this pump has a robust mechanical design and a seal-less design for no oil leakage, making it perfect for applications where low oil emissions and cleanliness are essential. With its wide speed range, adjustable inlet vacuum and bypass system, the WSU251 is the perfect choice for any application requiring a dependable and highly efficient vacuum pump.
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