Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WSU500 #9097922 for sale

ID: 9097922
Roots pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WSU500 is a rotary vane-type mechanical vacuum pump designed to provide high pumping speeds for deep vacuum application. This vacuum pump is an ideal choice for heavy-duty industrial processes and applications requiring high speed and effective evacuation of air and other non-condensable gases. RUVAC WSU500 has a 2-stage, twin-spiral rotary vane featuring a patented compound system. With a maximum of 1570 m³/h of pumping speed and an ultimate pressure of .01mbar, the WSU500 provides a reliable and efficient method of vacuum production. The pump is built with high-end components to withstand use in a variety of harsh industrial environments, including high concentrations of particles and temperatures up to 140°C. The WSU500 is designed for easy operation, featuring a compact design for tight spaces, as well as a variety of options for connection ports and accessories. This includes multiple options for mounting the pump, allowing for easy installation and use in any commercial or industrial setting. Coupled with cutting-edge features, such as integrated oil filtration, anti-suck back control, and an automatic regulating valve, LEYBOLD HERAEUS RUVAC WSU500 is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial vacuuming applications. The WSU500 is a reliable member of the RUVAC series from LEYBOLD HERAEUS, which is a brand well-known for their innovative vacuum solutions. The WSU500's advanced features, convenient size, and robust construction make it an excellent choice for a variety of commercial and industrial processes such as vacuum drying, freeze drying, and degassing. Given its high pumping speed, low noise level, and energy-efficiency, the WSU500 is an ideal choice for users looking for a dependable and economical pumping solution.
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