Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS S Series #174345 for sale

S Series
ID: 174345
Pump, warehoused.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS S Series is a heavy-duty high vacuum pump designed for reliable operation in industrial and scientific applications. The pump features an advanced oil-lubricated sealed ball bearing system for maximum efficiency and a long service life. The motor is designed to provide low noise level to ensure quiet operation. S Series utilizes a well-designed oil-sealed mechanical pump cavity to deliver high performance at multiple inlet and outlet pressures. The unique design ensures efficient working even with a wide range of temperatures, pressures and flow rates. The pump also features an adjustable pressure relief system to prevent an overpressure build up in the pump cavity, which could otherwise damage the pump components. LEYBOLD HERAEUS S Series features a robust, metal-enclosed construction for superior vibration and noise control. The motor is designed for high efficiency motor cooling, allowing for higher air flow rates and long service life. The motor can be run in either a forward or reverse direction, providing flexibility for a variety of applications. In addition, S Series is equipped with advanced controllers for fine tuning the performance to the exact requirements. A highly reliable mechanical seal is featured in the design, ensuring tight and leak-free operation. The pump is also available with a choice of materials, including stainless steel and copper alloy. LEYBOLD HERAEUS S Series is available with single, dual or triple stage versions, ensuring the right solution for everyone's needs. The series meets the highest standards of reliability and performance in the industry and is certified according to UL and CE standards. The efficient design and operation of the pump guarantees a long-term, safe and trouble-free operation.
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