Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS SOGEVAC SV100 #174519 for sale

ID: 174519
Vacuum pumps.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS SOGEVAC SV100 is a single-stage pump that has been designed to deliver efficient Vacuum solutions in various laboratory, industrial, and research applications. The SV100 is built with a low-maintenance design and a low noise level, which allows for easy operation and maintenance-free operation in all environments. The SV100 has a nominal pumping speed of 15 cubic meters per hour and is capable of producing a vacuum down to a pressure of 15 mbar. This makes it ideal for applications such as degassing, filtration, and drying, as well as working with gases in laboratory and industrial processes. This pump is also one of the most powerful vacuum pumps available on the market. It is powered by an oil-injected rotary vane, which ensures a stable and reliable pressure performance at all times, even under heavy load conditions. In addition to this, the SV100 also includes an oil-free scroll mechanism that helps reduce maintenance requirements and saves energy. The SV100 is equipped with several safety features to ensure optimal protection while in operation. This includes an emergency cut-off system that automatically shuts down the pump when it detects a pressure change of more than +/- 10 mbar. Additionally, the built-in safety valve helps protect the system from sudden developments of excess pressure. The SV100 is also equipped with an integrated hour counter that helps keep track of maintenance cycles and makes sure that regular maintenance is carried out properly. The SV100 is equipped with an adjustable speed controller, which allows for precise speed regulation and helps avoid unnecessary noise and potential damage caused by overheating. In addition, the built-in modular ventilation system helps ensure an optimal air flow, even during intensive operation periods. This helps maintain a balance of air flow that prevents the motor and bearings from overheating and maintains the SV100s high performance even over a long period of time. The SV100 is a reliable and efficient choice when it comes to Vacuum solutions. It provides powerful performance and endless adaptability to various work conditions. This pump is suitable for a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for laboratories, industrial processes, and research applications.
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