Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS SOGEVAC SV585 #174520 for sale

ID: 174520
Vacuum pumps 300 CFM Air Cooled Units coupled to WAU 2000 blowers 15HP, 1750 RPM 200-230 V / 460V 39-25A / 17.5A 60 Hz, 3 Phase.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS SOGEVAC SV585 is a high performance rotary vane pump with extremely high pumping speed and high ultimate pressure. SOGEVAC SV585 is designed to provide a reliable and economical solution for a variety of industrial applications, such as vacuum evaporation, vacuum distillation, drying, degassing, surface cleaning, load-lock systems and other vacuum processes. The pump features a high-efficiency three-lobe molybdenum rotor, low-friction PTFE bearing and vane plate for maximum performance and lifetime. The pump is oil-sealed, meaning operating oil is used as the working fluid, ensuring a dry and maintenance-free operation. LEYBOLD HERAEUS SOGEVAC SV585 features a robust and reliable design that boasts a nominal pumping speed of 253.2 m3/h, high ultimate pressure of 0.1 mbar and compression ratio of 2.6. This high performance pump delivers an extremely fastUltimate Vacuum and has significant suction capacity even under high load conditions. It utilizes a double-leaf valve to optimize the speed of operation, while also creating a very efficientsuction process with low noise levels and low levels of vibration. The SV585 also ensures a low-cost operation, thanks to its low power consumption and minimal maintenance. SOGEVAC SV585 has solid speed control and temperature monitoring capabilities, allowing the user to accurately adjust the speed of the pump for each process. The housing and motor of LEYBOLD HERAEUS SOGEVAC SV585 are made from stainless steel, making them extremely durable and reliable. The pump is designed to be backed with a quality warranty and customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction wherever it is used. SOGEVAC SV585 is a reliable, efficient and economical vacuum pump that provides high-end performance and efficiency for any industrial application. Thanks to its robust design and low operating costs, the pump is perfect for various automated processes and industrial operations. LEYBOLD HERAEUS SOGEVAC SV585 is a great choice for those who demand high performance, reliability and maximum efficiency.
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