Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS SV40 #131989 for sale

ID: 131989
Vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS SV40 is a high performance rotary vane vacuum pump specifically designed to meet the demands of industrial and research applications. This high-performance pump has a size and pumping speed that makes it ideal for use in a variety of industrial, mechanical, medical and research facilities. The product is a single-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane pump with oil retention, an adjustable gas ballast, and automatic operation in either direct-drive or belt-drive versions. The well maintained oil bath retention technology ensures that the system is highly oil efficient and low in noise. The adjustable gas ballast allows the user to adjust the rate of gas flow through the pump, which helps to regulate the vacuum level in the system. The oil-sealed rotary vane pump is designed with the highest quality of materials with excellent evacuation performance across a wide range of vacuum levels. The operating speed range of this industrial pump lies between 4 and 48 m3/h depending upon its motor power of 50 or 75 Hz. The air displacement range of its motor is 10 - 130 at atmospheric pressure and up to 10 -4 mbar for its full-vacuum mode. SV40 has a very low noise emission and low vibration levels, even during high loading conditions. LEYBOLD HERAEUS SV40 also has automatic self-lubrication and a self-adjusting pressure relief valve, both of which help to ensure a smooth and efficient performance. The product has been tested to meet ATEX standards and is CE marked to ensure compliance with international regulatory standards. Furthermore, the product has a low maintenance cost and provides a long service life, even in difficult operating conditions. In terms of safety, SV40 has a strong stainless steel structure and is fitted with an easy to access internal pressure relief valve. Together, these components provide reliable overpressure protection and reduce the risk of potential accidents. Additionally, the system's timer-controlled shutdown feature automatically shuts down the pump after a certain amount of time to minimize energy waste. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS SV40 is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial, medical and research applications. With its exceptional performance, low maintenance cost and robust build quality, this pump is an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient operation.
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