Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS SV630F #143069 for sale

ID: 143069
Vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS SV630F is a high-performance, direct drive oil sealed rotary vane vacuum and compression pump. It offers reliable performance and strong base pressure in a wide variety of applications. This cost-effective pump is designed to provide maximum efficiency and reliability by employing state-of-the-art technology, such as a robust, carefully matched drive unit and two, individually optimized oil-sealed rotary vane elements. LEYBOLD HERAEUS SV 630F is a direct drive rotary vane pump which provides a user-friendly interface for easy installation and maintenance. It operates using a rotating drive shaft and two scroll rotary vanes which, as they turn, create a vacuum that sucks in air from the atmosphere. With its thermal insulation design, it keeps high efficiency, soft operation and a high base pressure. SV630 / F features low vibration levels, very low noise emissions and compact size. The unique combination of the drive motor and oil controller facilitate maintenance-free operation, unbeatable performance and even lower pressure drop than the current market standards. The pump is capable of producing a maximum of 41 m3/hr of air displacement, a maximum speed of 4300 rpm, a maximum pressure of 0.9 bar and a maximum vacuum of 133 mbar. It also features a 3 m3/hr free air delivery rate and an ultimate pressure of 0.0001 mbar. LEYBOLD HERAEUS pumps are equipped with an integrated device for the efficient control and monitoring of intake pressure, outlet pressure and oil sump level. It complies with the latest safety and environmental requirements, and is designed to CE, EAC and UL standards. Overall, SV630F is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in vacuum and compression applications. It pairs robust engineering with a cost-effective design, providing reliability, efficiency and performance. It stands as an ideal choice for a wide scope of vacuum and compression applications.
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