Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TM-21 / TM 22 #9098163 for sale

TM-21 / TM 22
ID: 9098163
Vacuum gauging system.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TM-21 / TM 22 is a mechanical oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. It is designed for a wide range of industrial applications, such as the evacuation of process gas lines, collection of gas samples, and laboratory vacuum systems. TM-21 / TM 22 has an air-cooled motor, which is designed to take up minimal space and provide a virtually noiseless operation. It comes with either a built-in or a separately operated motor. The motor is of single or three phase design, of high efficiency, resistant to overload, and highly reliable. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TM-21 / TM 22 features a particle filter that ensures a clean and dry vacuum, even in the most inhospitable of environments. This filter is designed to remove any dry dust, water vapor, or oil particles from the process gases before they enter the pumping system. This prevents any contamination and extends the life of the pump. The hermetic design of TM-21 / TM 22 guarantees maintenance-free operation, with no oil or gas leaks. The pump also has a built-in Low Thermal Drift Monitoring System, so that vacuum levels can be kept constant. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TM-21 / TM 22 is fitted with an integrated thermocouple, which provides feedback on the temperature accuracy at the motor bearings. This enables the user to maintain optimal system performance and prevent oil leakage. TM-21 / TM 22 is lightweight and can be easily transported and mounted in various positions. This makes it convenient to use in a wide variety of applications, from laboratories to large-scale industrial operations. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS TM-21 / TM 22 is an easy-to-use, reliable and durable vacuum pump, perfect for reliable operation in demanding applications. Its hermetically sealed design ensures a clean and dry process gases, while its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and mount in various positions. Moreover, its built-in motor ensures maximum efficiency and reliability, and its thermocouple temperature accuracy monitoring provides maximum control. Combined, these features make it a great choice for reliable and efficient operation in demanding applications.
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