Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 1500 #127464 for sale

TMP 1500
ID: 127464
Turbo pump with NW-250 bolted flange NT 1000/1500 convertor with cables.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 1500 is a high performance vacuum pump capable of providing a periodontal vacuum of up to 1500 mbar. It is a diaphragm pump with an integrated gas ballast valve, which enables it to work easily with gaseous and vaporous media, providing a clean and oil-free vacuum. This makes it suitable for use in applications such as freeze drying and general applications that require a clean and oil-free environment. It also features an integrated single stage compressor, which allows the pump to keep running even while vacuuming. This makes it ideal for continuous operations. TMP 1500 has a robust and reliable design, making it suitable for extended periods of continuous use. Its integrated vibration isolation system minimizes the effects of ambient vibration and ensures that the pump operates smoothly and silently. The pump itself is equipped with a built-in speed controller, allowing it to be adjusted quickly and easily to accommodate application specific requirements. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 1500 has a built-in oil mist filter, which reduces the amount of oil droplets that may be present in the exhaust gases. This ensures that the exhaust gases discharged from the pump are free of hazardous substances, making the pump suitable for use in applications where hazardous substances may be present. TMP 1500 is designed to operate in a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C, making it suitable for a range of operating environments. It has a two pole, single phase, IE2 motor that is supplied standard with the device. The integrated thermal protection also helps to protect the motor from any potential damage that may occur due to overheating while the pump is in use. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 1500 is a reliable and efficient pump, providing excellent performance and reliability. It is suitable for a range of applications such as machine tools, laboratories, and medical equipment. This pump is ideal for those who require a reliable and durable vacuum pump.
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