Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 360CSV #127465 for sale

ID: 127465
Turbo pump with NW-100.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 360CSV is a high-performance multi-stage diaphragm vacuum pump from the TMP 300CSV series. This pump is designed to provide superior pumping performance in a variety of vacuum applications. TMP 360CSV offers excellent flexibility and long service life. The pump operates using an oil-sealed, direct-drive motor, which provides a significantly higher rate of pumping speed compared to conventional pumps. The motor is fully enclosed and can be operated in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +60°C. In addition, the pump is cooled by an air-cooled turbine, resulting in an increase in efficiency and a decrease in noise levels. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 360CSV is equipped with two inlet ports, both with 220/115V power supply, allowing pumps to be connected in series to increase pumping speed. The pump also features a control panel featuring an adjustable speed regulator, making it easy to adjust the speed to suit the application. The pump housing is constructed from sturdy aluminium and is corrosion and vibration resistant. The casing is also designed with EMI/RFI shielding, to prevent interference from other devices. The diaphragm is a multi-layer design, which ensures it will hold its vacuum tight for an extended period of time. TMP 360CSV is compatible with various substances, including flammable gases, vaporized gas, and corrosive liquid-gas mixtures, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. The vacuum performance of the pump is rated at 19-33 m3/h, with a maximum vacuum level of 0.033 mbar. This makes the pump suitable for many applications, including degassing, freeze drying and vacuum ovens. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 360CSV also meets a number of health and safety standards, including CSA, CE, and UL. It is low maintenance, and is compatible with a wide range of accessories and filters. Overall, TMP 360CSV is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial and research vacuum applications. Its efficient and reliable operation, coupled with its low maintenance, make it a great choice for any vacuum process.
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