Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 50 #151542 for sale

TMP 50
ID: 151542
Turbo pump ISO 63 Inlet Flange KF-16 Outlet Flange Pumping Speed of 55 liters per second for N2.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 50 is a dry vacuum pump designed for use in industrial environments. It is a rotary vane type vacuum pump that uses a sealed rotor mounted between two opposed vanes. As the rotor rotates, a sealed chamber is created, trapping any gas found inside. The volume of the chamber inside the pump is gradually reduced until the pressure inside the vacuum pump is less than atmospheric pressure. This creates a vacuum, which can be used to evacuate gasses from applications such as tanks, bottles, and reactors. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP50 can handle up to 6,400 liters per second of air, with an ultimate pressure of 5x10-3 mbar and is capable of reaching pressures down to an ulta-high vacuum of 1x10-10 mbar. Its maximum operating temperature is 50°C and its pumping speed can be adjusted, enabling it to be used in a wide range of applications. TMP 50 is designed with the most demanding requirements in mind and provides reliable, efficient operation with low energy consumption and is an ideal choice for those operating in extreme environments. The liquid-cooled design helps protect the pump from thermal overloading, while the integrated oil mist filter increases the life of the pump and helps reduce maintenance requirements. The pump also features an adjustable oil level, so you can be sure you always have a proper level of oil in the system. TMP50 has a large air intake and is designed to provide low vibrations and low noise levels for minimal disruption. Additionally, there is a turbo connection feature which allows for multiple pumps to be operated simultaneously for maximum efficiency. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 50 is also available with an ATEX certification, making it suitable for use in hazardous environments where standard electrical equipment may not be suitable. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP50 is an incredibly robust and reliable dry vacuum pump, capable of providing high performance in a variety of industrial environments. Thanks to its low noise levels and low vibrations, it is also easy to operate, helping reduce downtime and maximize efficiency.
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