Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 50 #9083144 for sale

TMP 50
ID: 9083144
Turbo pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP 50 is a turbo molecular pump used for obtaining high vacuum levels. This model is powered by an electric motor and is suited for wide range of applications such as physical, chemical, medical, and industrial research and development, as well as in process technology, analytical, and laboratory instruments. It is a radial turbo molecular pump with a robust design and superior performance. It consists of a rotor with multiple blades, a stator, and a set of magnets to create a rotating field. The rotor blades are mounted in a cylindrical housing connected to a stator, where the magnets are situated. This design ensures high efficiency and maximum pumping speed. The rotor spins at a very high speed, which creates a vacuum by virtually compressing the air. The air molecules are accelerated and enters into a beam of fast-moving molecules. The faster-moving particles provide the momentum to the air molecules that reach the walls of the vacuum chamber, pushing them back out and maintaining a low pressure level. The electric motor of LEYBOLD HERAEUS TMP50 is connected to the rotor directly and provides the required speed. The motor can provide variable control over the speed and pressure. The motor also has a low noise output, making it suitable for use in laboratory and research environments. To ensure optimal operation, the pump must be set according to the conditions of the application. TMP 50 is a suitable choice for applications requiring high vacuum levels in short time. Due to its sturdy construction, this pump can withstand harsh environments. It is also easy to install and does not require much maintenance. Moreover, it is highly economical and has a much lower power consumption compared to other similar models. Overall, this pump offers superior performance at a cost-effective price.
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