Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D25BCS #9071403 for sale

Trivac D25BCS
ID: 9071403
Vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D25BCS is a rotary vane mechanical pump with a power rating of 4 kW. It uses two counter-rotating inclined rotors placed in a housing cavity to create a positive displacement effect. The vacuum pump draws air or gas from a vessel or equipment and exhausts it into the atmosphere. The housing design reduces the noise level to only 56 dB(A), making it much quieter than standard rotary vane pumps. The D25BCS has a pumping speed range of between 740 to 3050 liters per second, depending on the inlet pressure and operating point. The compact design allows it to fit into existing system spaces easily. Furthermore, the oil mist separator and integrated lubricant monitoring unit ensure minimal carryover of oil from the vacuum machine. The temperature range of the pump is from -10 Degree Celsius to 40 Degree Celsius. Its oil circulation tool is self-regulating, and the integrated oil management asset allows for continuous use without the need for regular maintenance. In addition, its mechanical seal design ensures that it is practically maintenance-free and has extended service life. It uses oil mist lubrication to keep the vane surface and bearings in working order. The low noise levels ensure that there is minimal distraction when in use. Trivac D25BCS vacuum pump has a robust and robustly constructed housing designed for long-term rugged service. Its oil containment sump ensures safe operation, and its Teflon coated housing prevents any solvents from coming in contact with the internal components. Furthermore, its oil level sight glasses make it easy to monitor the oil level within the pump. It has an integrated pressure gauge and thermometer that allows for monitoring of both pressures and temperatures. The integrated non-return valve safeguards against inrushing of air from the atmosphere. Finally, LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D25BCS pump is CE-certified in accordance with the EC Low Voltage Directive and the EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. This ensures that the pump meets international safety standards and is suitable for commercial or industrial use. All in all, Trivac D25BCS is a highly efficient, low maintenance, and quiet rotary vane pump designed for applications in the vacuum technology industry.
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