Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D2AC #9072369 for sale

Trivac D2AC
ID: 9072369
Dual Stage Rotary Vane pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D2AC is a comprehensive vacuum pump that is designed to effectively provide clean and efficient vacuum processing operations. This state-of-the-art pump has features that allow for the efficient exhaust of air and other gases. This pump provides both variable speed and constant speed operation which allow for the suitable performance of multiple applications. Trivac D2AC is extremely reliable and dependable and is equipped with an overload protector, and an appropriately thought-out key operation system which provides operational safety. LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D2AC vacuum pump is designed with an inlet port with a diameter of 160 mm. This inlet port is coupled with a motor that provides great power to the pump. The pump also has a single-stage turbine which offers constant and efficient performance. This single-stage turbine is developed for efficient and easy operation that helps provide clean and safe performance. Trivac D2AC has a comprehensive performance characteristic and provides an ultimate vacuum level of down to 3 millibars. The pump is exceptionally smooth in operation which helps to ensure quiet and efficient performance. In addition, LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D2AC is designed with a robust motor and metal pump body that is designed to provide long-term and great performance. Trivac D2AC is a completely oil-free pump that is designed for maximum sustainability and fuel efficient operations. The pump has a reliable air-cooled motor which prevents the formation of oil mist and vapor and ensures great performance efficiency. LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D2AC is also equipped with a maintenance-free oil separator which helps to extend its lifespan and reduce maintenance cost. Trivac D2AC is a cutting-edge vacuum pump that is designed to perform with maximum efficiency and safety. The pump is designed with intuitive features that make operation straightforward and easy. This pump provides the necessary power for efficient operation and has been designed to perform with great reliability and long-term durability. The pump is thoroughly tested in order to ensure maximum sustainability, fuel-efficiency, and utmost operational safety.
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