Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D30AC #9071404 for sale

Trivac D30AC
ID: 9071404
Vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D30AC is a powerful yet efficient vacuum pump designed for the most demanding professional grade applications. The pump has a high pumping speed and is capable of achieving a maximum vacuum of 0.8 mbar. Its design is based on the well-known DuoVac D16A and has been upgraded with many improvements. The lightweight yet rugged construction ensures great portability for use in maintenance and other applications. Trivac D30AC features a direct-drive motor with 3-stage operation for increased efficiency. This motor is cooled by an external cooling unit for optimal operation and reduced noise levels. This pump is also equipped with a powerful integrated 550 W DC servo motor, which provides high torque and reliability even at low speeds. The convenient on-board display screen allows for easy reading and monitoring of the motor and the vacuum level. The pack also includes an adjustable speed regulator to adjust the speed of the pump for both pumping speed and ultimate vacuum. The advanced filtration system can handle up to 3 liters per minute of air and includes a 3-stage motor protection system which helps to restore oil seals when the pump is stopped. The air-oil separator also reduces the amount of oil vapors in the exhaust, allowing for greater safety for users. The vacuum inlet and outlet can be equipped with various kinds of fittings for maintenance, laboratory and industrial applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D30AC features great performance, operation and reliability due to its robust construction and well-designed features. It is also ideal for dynamic applications such as freeze drying, control systems, etc. The pump is ideal for use in maintenance applications in laboratories and industrial processes. LEYBOLD HERAEUS offers a limited warranty with Trivac D30AC pump, allowing customers to take advantage of its superior performance and efficiency.
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