Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D40BCS #9097917 for sale

Trivac D40BCS
ID: 9097917
Vacuum pump EXH filter Roots blower: WSU250.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D40BCS is a powerful rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump designed for industrial applications. It has a pumping speed of 40 cubic meters per hour, which is suitable for a wide range of different applications. This pump is specifically designed to provide high-performance while remaining efficient and cost-effective. Trivac D40BCS is capable of creating highly effective and reliable end product performance. This is due to its robust construction which allows for exceptional reliability and performance in industrial processes and applications. In addition, the pump also offers a superior vacuum delivery, with a maximum pressure of 5 mbar. This allows it to perform effectively in many working environments, such as vacuum packaging, filtration, degassing, and pumping of corrosive materials. The pump can be operated easily and safely with its robust drive system. Its rotor is forged from high-grade steel, ensuring superior overall longevity and reliability. The rotor runs with minimal noise due to its efficient operation and smooth running. The entire unit is equipped with high-precision components, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance. LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D40BCS utilizes a double-acting principle for efficient operation. This allows it to create a higher vacuum pressure, while also running at a lower power setting, resulting in improved energy efficiency. The pump also features cooling, with a customized air-cooling system that keeps the pump running at optimal temperatures. Trivac D40BCS also utilizes a highly efficient exhaust system. This allows it to remove any condensates and vapors created during its operation with minimal effort. All of these features combine to create a pump that is reliable, cost-effective, and energy efficient. Its robust design also ensures that it will last for a long time, optimizing the user experience and making it an ideal choice for industrial applications.
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