Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D60A #9071407 for sale

Trivac D60A
ID: 9071407
Vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D60A is an advanced rotary vane pump designed to provide dependable operation and service. It is a reliable and efficient single stage vacuum pump engineered for low-pressure applications. The D60A offers a quiet motor and proven engineering design that results in consistent performance and low maintenance requirements. The pump is driven by an asynchronous, high-efficiency, low-noise 2400 watt motor and contains a single-stage, two-cylinder oil-sealed rotary-vane compressor. The mVac™ pumping technology allows the motor to switch easily between speed modes, automatically adjusting for changing process conditions and providing maximum efficiency. This helps to maximize the life of the pump and its internal components, while minimizing power consumption and wear. The design of the D60A has been optimized for speed and reliability. The Toplex® advanced bearing system and integrated anti-vibration technology reduce operating noise. The electronic cold-start feature ensures that the motor is not damaged during startup in low ambient temperatures, and the intelligent temperature control constantly monitors and adjusts the motor's temperature and speed to reduce wear and maximize efficiency. The flow rate of the D60A is adjustable from 1 to 60 m3/h, and the maximum ultimate pressure is 1 mbar. The pump also features a gasballast to reduce the inlet pressure and moisture during load lock applications. An intelligent pump control system with a built-in display monitor allows the user to monitor operation, set alarms, and adjust parameters. The pump is also equipped with a safety device to protect from overloads. Trivac D60A is a compact, high efficiency vacuum pump that provides reliable operation and low maintenance. Its advanced technologies and easy-to-use features ensure that it is the ideal choice for low-pressure applications.
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