Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65 #164046 for sale

Trivac D65
ID: 164046
Dual stage rotary pump Pumping speed for N2: 65m3/h.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65 is a rotary vane pump designed for efficient, precise and reliable operation. This pump has a direct drive motor providing a maximum speed of 8,400 rpm and a maximum flow of 65 m³/h at pressure of 600 mbar, making it ideally suited for professional, general purpose, or light commercial applications. The D65 is suitable for rough or fine vacuums, as well as a source for compressed air applications. The pump has a stainless steel housing, making it highly durable, and fully enclosed to protect internal components from dust and moisture. It includes a oil-level indicator to ensure the oiling and lubrication levels are monitored and maintained. The oil-sealed motor chamber offers an additional layer of protection from environmental contaminants. The D65 has a bypass valve for fine-tuning the speed of the pump for optimal operation, and a built-in timer to temporarily shut off the pump. The built-in automatic oil recirculation feature helps to ensure efficient operation and maintenance-free operation with minimal oil consumption. Additionally, it features an oil mist separator to prevent recirculated air from becoming polluted with oil mist. Trivac D65 is equipped with a two-stage coupling and belt drive solution to eliminate vibrations and noise during operation. it also includes a motor-resistant suction connection for quick and easy connection of vacuum hoses and components. With an integrated thermal switch, the D65 pumps ensure smooth operation; if the motor temperature increases, it will instantly shut the pump off to prevent damage. LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65 is a versatile and efficient pump, designed to operate in a wide range of applications while meeting the highest expectations of reliability and performance. Its stainless steel housing and oil mist separator make it a great choice for general-purpose, as well as professional and commercial applications.
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