Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65BCS #9097919 for sale

Trivac D65BCS
ID: 9097919
Vacuum pump EXH filter Roots blower: WSU501.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65BCS is a rotary vane vacuum pump designed for industrial applications needing moderate vacuum levels. It operates on a single-stage 3-vane design with an integrated clearance volume between the rotor and the casing. This allows for a suction capacity up to 50 m3/h and a final pressure as low as 1 mbar. The D65BCS is powered by a 2-pole, three-phase electric motor and is equipped with a frequency converter interface for variable speed control. Trivac D65BCS features a sealed, oil-lubricated equipment for increased efficiency and greater maintenance intervals. A total oil mist filter installation eliminates oil misting inside the motor housing, thus protecting the environment from any hazardous materials. Additionally, the integrated oil level indicator visually displays the current oil level in the pump, thereby simplifying maintenance routines. LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65BCS operates at a superior low noise level, as it is protected by a noise reducing enclosure with easily removable access doors and well-engineered silencing technology. Trivac D65BCS features a triple-acting rotary vane system for reliable and efficient operation which minimises the number of parts and ensures low vibration values. The integrated vacuum regulator allows the pump to work at any required consistent pressure level, which increases both the service life of the pump and unit performance. The pump is designed with an optimised shaft seal machine that improves vacuum performance while also preventing oil losses. Furthermore, the bypass valve that is included in this vacuum pump offers a back flow of freely escaping gas, which is beneficial for rapid service and maintenance. The robust design of LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65BCS also features a DIN rail mounting tool that is safe and easy to install. The frame and integrated vibration isolators improve the stability and prolong the life of the pump. LEYBOLD HERAEUS pumps are considered ideal for many industrial applications due to their reliable, efficient, and cost effective performance.
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