Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65BCS #9097920 for sale

Trivac D65BCS
ID: 9097920
Vacuum pump EXH filter Roots blower: WSU1001.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65BCS is a high-performance, oil-sealed, rotary vane vacuum pump. This unique vacuum pump utilizes a single-stage design that combines a high-speed vane rotor with the performance of a advanced centrifugal fan. The D65BCS incorporates a two-stage compression equipment in which the primary (high-pressure) stage is composed of two vanes interlocked in an asymmetric arrangement. This arrangement creates a pressure ratio of 1.7, which improves compression. In addition, the two-stage compression system reduces power consumption by 50%, delivering great efficiency compared to pumps of similar capacity. Furthermore, the D65BCS features a single-shaft, direct-drive motor. This motor is constructed using a non-corrosive alloy, and is designed to run continuously without the need for maintenance. Additionally, the motor is cooled by an integrated cooling fan, allowing for a higher intake pressure and higher flow. Trivac D65BCS also features a dynamic balance drive, which ensures smooth operation at all speeds. This eliminates shaft vibrations, which in turn, greatly reduces the noise of the pump. Additionally, the D65BCS is fitted with a low vibration unit, which minimizes the vibration magnitude over the entire speed range of the pump. Lastly, LEYBOLD HERAEUS Trivac D65BCS is provided with a modular frame, enabling side-by-side connection with other identical models. This ensures that the pump can be used along with other identical models, without taking up additional space. This also allows for installation in applications with limited space. Overall, Trivac D65BCS is an advanced, high-performance oil-sealed vacuum pump with features such as two-stage compression, direct-drive motor, dynamic balance drive, and low vibration machine. The combination of these features delivers great performance while maintaining superior efficiency. Additionally, this pump comes with a modular frame, allowing it to be installed alongside other identical models with ease. Altogether, the D65BCS is the ideal choice for applications requiring reliable, efficient, and high-performance vacuum pumps.
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