Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TurboVac 361 #9091671 for sale

TurboVac 361
ID: 9091671
Turbo pump DN100 ISO-K Optional: NT20-Frequency Controllers and cables.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TurboVac 361 is a high-performance turbo pump with fore vacuum technologies. It has direct drive technology for fast and reliable operation. This turbo pump offers a high level of ultimate pressure of 2x10-8 mbar and a maximum speed of 3600 rpm. The pump is equipped with a standard electric motor and oil-free cemented carbide rotors, designed for improved dynamics and pump head air cooling for lower operating temperatures. TurboVac 361 has a ceramic-lined chamber to minimize the particle emission into the pumped volume during operation. The pressure control system of the pump is based on a thyristor-operated blower which delivers constant vacuum performance over the entire life of the pump. The integrated non-contact oil logging protects the pump from overheating and overloading due to excessive oil contamination. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TurboVac 361 has a very quiet operation with exceptionally low noise levels. Its control system is easy to use and offers automatic and remote control functions. This turbo pump is widely used in vacuum applications such as analytical, medical, and industrial processes where reliable and stable performance is required. Its compact design and low noise are features that make it an ideal choice for installation in limited space situations. TurboVac 361 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for many vacuum applications.
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