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TurboVac 361
ID: 9091675
Turbo pump DN160 ISO-K Optional: NT20-Frequency Controllers and cables.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TurboVac 361 turbomolecular pump is a high vacuum pump based on the principle of continuous-flow vacuum absorption. It utilizes two stages of compression to achieve high pumping speeds at low operating pressures. The first stage is an external inlet stage which reduces the pressure of the gas stream entering the pump. The second stage is an internally mounted, direct-drive rotor/stator, which further reduces the pressure of the gas stream within the pump. TurboVac 361 utilizes two different types of technology in tandem to provide a high-performance pumping system. The first is the gas diffuser, a plate-like structure which the gas stream passes through. The gas diffuser causes the gas to diffuse, or spread out, as it passes through, ensuring the molecules are evenly spaced and creating a smooth path for the gas. In the second stage, the rotor/stator, the gas is further compressed using radial vanes, further reducing the pressure within the pump. This allows the pump to achieve high pumping speeds even at low operating pressures. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TurboVac 361 is capable of reaching pressures as low as 1-2 x 10-4 mbar (Pa). It has a pumping speed of up to 160 l/s (liter per second), and a compression ratio of over 800. Its inlet diameter is Ø 55 mm, and its exhaust diameter is Ø25mm. It is capable of operating under continuous, uninterrupted operation for up to 30 minutes. TurboVac 361 is also fitted with a point-of-use oil filtration system which ensures the oil used in the pump is free of impurities and debris. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TurboVac 361 is manufactured utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and is available in a number of different configurations and materials. It is available in both stainless steel and titanium versions, with optional accessories including gas ballast valves, exhaust filters, gate valves, and mass spectrometers. It is also available with an optional pressure monitor, which helps to ensure optimum operating performance. TurboVac 361 is an effective, efficient, and reliable vacuum pump, and is suitable for use in a range of applications, from laboratory research to industrial processes. Its flexibility and ability to operate at both low and high pressures make it an ideal choice for many applications.
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