Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TW 400-300-25 #135133 for sale

TW 400-300-25
ID: 135133
Turbo molecular vacuum pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TW 400-300-25 is a rotary vane vacuum pump designed for a wide range of industrial and medical applications. The pump is built for reliable and low maintenance performance and offers an efficient solution for users looking for powerful vacuum solutions in various applications. This pump operates a G1/4" port and can reach vacuum pressures down to 25 mbar/torr. The pump has a oil pump capacity of up to 300 cubic meters per hour and a standard oil filter. The pump's power requirements are 230/400 Volt and is rated for 50 Hz. This pump also comes with a variety of control options, including a two-speed manual control with low speed and high speed settings. The two-speed feature allows users to adjust the pumps speed to the specific needs of their application and increases the pump's efficiency. Additionally, the pump is equipped with a bypass valve to reduce suction power or increase pumping speed when needed. TW 400-300-25 is constructed with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing with an oil-cooling fan that reduces heating and maintains a safe working environment. This pump is also designed to reduce noise emissions, making it ideal for use in sound-sensitive areas. The pump is also equipped with a built-in relief valve that prevents overpressure and allows for vacuum hold down applications. Combining a variety of features, LEYBOLD HERAEUS TW 400-300-25 is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, from medical to industrial settings. The pump offers powerful performance, low energy usage, and easy maintenance. The pump's bypass valve and relief valve help to ensure safe and efficient operation, while the stainless steel housing and oil-cooling fan provide durability and reduce noise emissions. The pump is ideal for a variety of applications, from medical to industrial, and provides users with a reliable and low maintenance solution.
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