Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS TW 701 #9077218 for sale

TW 701
ID: 9077218
Vintage: 2003
Turbo pump, 2003 vintage.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS TW 701 is a liquid ring vacuum pump primarily used for rough or medium-vacuum applications. This liquid ring vacuum pump is used in industrial facilities that require reliable, efficient vacuum pumps. TW 701 utilizes a vortex, or rotary-type construction with a single-stage rotary impeller driven by an electric motor. This design ensures that the pump is capable of delivering significant volumes of air or other gases per unit of time, as well as providing a high level of suction for the purpose of drawing liquids into the pump. The design also maximizes efficiency by reducing the number of parts required in the overall design. The pump utilizes both the kinetic energy and the potential energy of the liquid to create a vacuum within a sealed vessel. The kinetic energy of the liquid is converted into a rotary action, causing it to rotate around a central axis. This rotary motion creates swirling action within the sealed vessel, which creates a low-pressure environment by reducing the pressure inside the vessel. On the other hand, the potential energy of the liquid is converted to a vacuum as the pressure drops and the liquid is drawn through the pump. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TW 701 pump has a single-point lubrication system, which ensures that the pump operates efficiently over a range of operating temperatures. This single-point lubrication provides enhanced reliability and low maintenance. The pump also includes an internal shaft seal, made from a metallic material such as stainless steel, to prevent leakage during operation. Additionally, the design of the pump reduces vibration within the system, as well as noise, providing a more comfortable environment for the workers. TW 701 has an adjustable pumping speed range of up to 1750 rpm, allowing it to be adapted to various vacuum requirements. Additionally, the pump features a start/stop switch and an emergency stop button, providing operators with the ability to safely control the level of vacuum when needed. LEYBOLD HERAEUS TW 701 is built with a robust metal housing, making it resistant to corrosion and suitable for the extremes of industrial environments. While it is intended for industrial vacuum applications, the pump can also be used in a variety of other applications, such as air-conditioning and central-heating systems, food-processing systems, and medical devices.
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