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UL 500
ID: 163796
Leak detector.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS UL 500 is an advanced, extremely reliable and energy efficient oil-sealed rotary vane pump, utilizing an oil-cooled stator design. This pump is designed for industrial, laboratory and environmental applications, delivering high performance pumping for up to 500 mbar pressure range. This innovative design also offers low energy consumption, high performance and long operational life. The pump has a robust construction to ensure a long operational life. It features a rotorshaft and two opposed two stage oil-sealed rotary vanes that move eccentrically within a cylindrical casing with lubrication efficiencies. This ensures an even seal over the entire surface of the rotorshaft and smooth, low-vibration operation. The rotorshaft is designed to be highly resistant to shocks, thus minimizing wear and ensuring a durable life-span. UL 500 has reliable pressure regulation with a range of up to 500 mbar. An integrated pressure control valve with an adjustable pressure set point range ensures precise regulation and optimized performance. Furthermore, direct measurement of pumped vacuum enables improved performance, energy savings and automatic regulation. The integrated speed control device offers flexible, precise regulation, enabling the pump to run at various speeds for optimum performance control and energy efficiency. An efficient and reliable oil level monitoring system prevents operation with incorrect oil levels, thus preventing damage to the pump.The oil-cooled stator design ensures low energy consumption, making LEYBOLD HERAEUS UL 500 an energy-saving pump. UL 500 is also equipped with an integrated water splash protection system. This prevents water from entering the pump chamber and ensures contamination-free operation. Furthermore, an electronic fan control regulates the motor cooling speed, promoting a longer service life and efficient operation. LEYBOLD HERAEUS UL 500 is designed for industrial, laboratory and environmental applications, with features such as robust construction, reliable pressure regulation, precise speed control and advanced oil level monitoring. This pump is ideal for a wide range of uses, and provides a reliable and energy-efficient solution.
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