Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS W 1300C #9083153 for sale

W 1300C
ID: 9083153
Turbo pump.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS W 1300C is a vacuum pump designed specifically to meet the needs of numerous industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, process, and laboratory applications. It is an advanced, oil-sealed rotary vane pump with a capacity of up to 1100 cubic meters per hour. This multi-function pump is designed for powerful, dependable and long-term performance in demanding industrial environments. W 1300C features a high-speed motor, robust mechanical construction, and long-lasting components. The belt driven motor and single-phase output ensures efficient, reliable, and maintenance-free operation. The oil circulation equipment is sealed and integrated to provide maximum efficiency and protection. By ensuring circulating oil flows around the entire rotor, the pump reduces friction and wear, resulting in maximum efficiency and reliability. In combination with the integrated vacuum controller, the pump is able to achieve optimum performance in vacuum and pressure applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS W 1300C also comes with an integrated oil filtering system. This filtering unit is designed to optimally maintain the oil quality for longer service life. It is able to filter out any particles that may form during operation, thus ensuring a clean, long-lasting oil filter. The oil filter is also easily replaceable for added convenience. LEYBOLD HERAEUS pump is equipped with a large, ergonomic design to ensure ease of access and serviceability. In combination with its built-in diagnostic and service functions, W 1300C is an easy-to-use, reliable pump that can handle all types of process applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS W 1300C offers a wide range of features designed to ensure superior performance and reliable operation. It comes with a fully integrated noise and vibration insulation machine, ensuring quiet and comfortable operation. Additionally, it is corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. W 1300C is fully compliant with all current safety standards and certifications for industrial use. This revolutionary pump is the perfect choice for reliable performance and long-term value.
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