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WA 1000
ID: 9094084
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA 1000 is a powerful oil-sealed rotary vane pump designed for scientific and industrial applications. It offers dependable, long life performance due to its robust construction and advanced technology. WA 1000 is a single stage pump that utilizes a rotating vaned rotor to create a powerful vacuum in a wide range of applications. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA 1000 is equipped with a pin-cushioned traction drive, enabling it to reach speeds up to 1100 rpm and pressures up to 5 mbar ultimate pressure. It has a maximum displacement of 13.3 m^3/h and is available in various versions, including water-cooled and direct-drive models. The direct-drive version offers greater efficiency and higher power output. WA 1000 features a unique and efficient oil-seal system. A drip-saver prevents oil loss by automatically controlling the oil level when the pump is running. The pump also utilizes sophisticated air-leak technology to prevent air from entering the orbiting scroll and cavities, keeping the operating conditions and ultimate pressure stable. In addition, it has an integrated vibration dampening system to reduce vibrations and noise. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA 1000 is an extremely reliable pump. It utilizes a robust, cast iron casing and a durable, oil-resistant elastomeric vane end-plate. The pump also has stainless steel interiors and a ceramic rotor, ensuring long-lasting, dependable performance. It is equipped with a standard rear exhaust that can be replaced with a condenser, depending on the application. In addition, WA 1000 has pressure port and connections that are designed to facilitate easy installation and maintenance. It also has a high-tech display panel enabling easy monitoring of the pump's parameters. Its modular design allows for custom configurations making it ideal for a variety of applications. All in all, LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA 1000 is an excellent choice for creating powerful vacuums in a variety of industrial and scientific applications.
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