Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-250 #140499 for sale

ID: 140499
Blower CFM: 169.0 Power rating: 208V, 3-phase.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-250 is a mechanical pump used for a range of industrial vacuum applications. It is designed for vacuum pressures of less than 0.5 mbar and is suitable for use in harsh environments. The pump is lubricated with oil, which helps protect it from damage caused by external factors. The pump can handle a wide range of solvents and gases, making it highly versatile. WA-250 features a powerful single-stage direct-drive motor which is capable of providing up to 250 m3/h maximum flow rate in a very quiet operation. This makes the pump ideal for vacuum applications in industrial settings as well as for use in dental and laboratory applications. Its compact and lightweight design makes it highly transportable and allows for flexibility in setup. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-250 is designed with a removable end flange, making it easier to access and maintain the pump. The pump can also be equipped with special accessories, such as an oil mist filter, and an oil-level gauge. This makes it possible to monitor the oil level easily and to maintain the pump at peak efficiency. The pump's maintenance and operating costs are kept low due to its efficient design, which ensures that oil needs to be changed only when necessary. It is also equipped with a built-in safety valve which shuts off power to the motor in the event of an emergency or overload. This makes it highly reliable and reliable in operation. Overall, WA-250 is an efficient and dependable pump which offers great performance and longevity in vacuum applications. It is an ideal solution for many industries which require a dependable source of vacuum. The pump is highly durable and provides great value for money, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an reliable, efficient, and cost-effective pump.
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