Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-251 #140503 for sale

ID: 140503
Blower CFM: 169.0 Power rating: 230/460V, 3-phase.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-251 is a robust, dependable vacuum pump that is commonly used for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. WA-251 is a hybrid, oil-sealed, rotary vane pump that can provide a continuously variable range from roughing down to ultimate vacuum pressures, as low as 1x10-3 mbar. The compact size of LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-251, combined with its heigh-efficiency, make it a popular choice for labs and industrial settings. The patented adjustable gas ballast helps optimize performance, making WA-251 suitable for even the most demanding applications. The energy-saving feature of the integrated sliding vane motor configuration reduces energy consumption by up to 60%. The unit is designed to run quietly and reliably, with a noise level of just 54 dB(A), ideal for labs and other controlled-noise environments. Ruggedized features and ease of maintenance make LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-251 a reliable choice for reliable operation in tough environmental conditions, such as in industrial settings. The Vacuum Oil Separator (VOS) helps to protect the pump from oil mist and contamination during normal operation, making it suitable for use in applications with corrosive gases. The direct drive VOS also reduces thermal stresses during operation, ensuring that the best possible performance is maintained. The integrated filter for gas ballast and outlet enable WA-251 to be operated under challenging process conditions. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-251 is intuitive to use, and comes with a digital display for easy monitoring of pump status, temperature, oil level, and other key parameters. Additionally, WA-251 has a powerful oil-cooled electrical cooling system, featuring an internal thermally-controlled deposition lamp. A range of oil reservoirs, in either stainless steel or aluminum, are available optional extras, providing users with the opportunity to customize their pump to their specific requirements. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS WA-251 is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial and laboratory vacuum applications. With its robust design, intuitive control, and energy-saving features, WA-251 is a reliable and dependable vacuum pump.
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