Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU-1000 #140504 for sale

ID: 140504
Blower CFM: 685.0 Power rating: 230/460V, 3-phase.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU-1000 mechanical turbomolecular pump is a high-performance pumping equipment designed for use in vacuum applications. WAU-1000 turbomolecular pump is capable of producing a high ultimate pressure of 10-4 mbar, allowing for the highest quality vacuum conditions. The pump contains a high-speed rotor mounted in the center of two stages of turbine blades, which move in opposing directions to create a low pressure in the system. This low pressure is then used to draw in gas from the outside atmosphere. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU-1000 has a high-torque metal drive and high-intensity, permanent magnet motor that drives the rotor at speeds of up to 2,000,000 rpm. The motor is housed in a noise-dampened enclosure, ensuring low noise operation. WAU-1000 also has a gas ballast unit that purges the pump chamber of any potential contamination or outgassing material. This machine helps to reduce the outgassing rate and carries away any contaminants that might be present in the pump chamber. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU-1000 has a control electronics module located on its base, which is used to adjust and monitor the operation of the pump. WAU-1000 is designed for use in a variety of applications, such as high-vacuum systems, electron microscopes, scanning tunneling microscopes, sputtering chambers, and gas-loading systems. It has a rugged anodized aluminum housing that is resistant to corrosion from chemical attack, and it is capable of handling operating temperatures up to 175°C. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU-1000 is a reliable, high-performance vacuum pump that is well suited for a wide range of vacuum applications. Its high ultimate pressure and robust construction make it a reliable choice for any vacuum tool.
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