Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU 501 #9055024 for sale

WAU 501
ID: 9055024
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU 501 is a powerful and reliable vacuum pump capable of providing a high vacuum in a short period of time, making it ideal for many industrial and scientific applications. WAU 501 features a hermetically sealed, single-stage rotary vane design with a high-performance internal spiral-vane combination fulfilling an ultimate pressure rating of up to 0.5 mbar. It is a dry-running, oil-free vacuum pump that utilizes an internally driven internal impeller with two rotary vanes to achieve strong suction. The operating temperature range is between 65°F - 104°F (18°C - 40°C). LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU 501 includes an integrated silencer to minimize noise levels, which helps create a pleasant and safe working environment. Furthermore, it includes a water-cooled condenser to regulate the temperature of the compressed air exiting the pump. It is also equipped with a mechanical seal to prevent ingress of dirt from the surrounding atmosphere into the vacuum chamber. Its robust design makes WAU 501 an extremely reliable workhorse that will provide reliable performance, even in the most challenging environments. It is also designed for hassle-free maintenance, with easily-accessible components that simplify the exchange of parts and servicing. The pump is also protected by an integrated over-temperature protection and a magnetic thrust bearing. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU 501 is built for long-term durability and performance, and is ideal for producing high quality, high vacuum systems for many diverse applications, such as surface science, environmental chamber testing, gas analysis, and printing.
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