Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU / WSU #143074 for sale

ID: 143074
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU / WSU is a high-performance pump designed and manufactured by LEYBOLD HERAEUS to meet the highest quality standards. The pump features advanced technology and ingenious design to deliver superior reliability and performance. The pump is designed to deliver high-speed and low-power draw at maximum pressure levels. The pump is powered by an electric motor that is integrated with a waistband of 16 or 25 kW. This motor operates at normal voltage levels, classifying the pump as a Class F electric motor. The integrated motor is encased by a dust and water resistant cover, providing enhanced protection. WAU / WSU pump has a dual-layered, cylindrical design. It is constructed with a robust aluminum housing that ensures optimum stability and protection against any external damage. The interior of the pump is also resistant to corrosion, allowing for reliable operation in harsh environments. The impeller of the pump is fitted with four radial labyrinths that are sealed by a pair of high-performance ceramic ring seals. This ensures an airtight and oil-free operation. Additionally, the pump implements a unique, self-balancing piston design to reduce the amount of friction, increasing both pump efficiency and life span. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU / WSU pump also offers enhanced accuracy with its advanced control systems. The integrated display panel supplies a clear overview of operating data and status. Furthermore, the pump is fully compatible with both analog and digital communication protocols. The pump is also fitted with safety features such as a thermal switch and a mechanical safety switch. These features safeguard the system in high temperature conditions or power-surges. Furthermore, the pump also includes multiple filtration and purification systems which ensure that the delivered fluid is free from any impurities. WAU / WSU pump is designed for hassle-free maintenance. Noteworthy, the pump does not require any tools for its service. Additionally, the motor is easily adjustable and the seals can be replaced without any major disassembly. Overall, LEYBOLD HERAEUS WAU / WSU pump is the ideal choice for high-performance and reliable pumping solutions. Its advanced technology and sophisticated design offer enhanced efficiency and robust performance levels. The pump is suitable for a wide range of applications and is perfect for both industrial and private use.
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