Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-1000 #143073 for sale

ID: 143073
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-1000 is a high-end pump designed and manufactured by LEYBOLD HERAEUS GmbH. This pump is a diaphragm pump and is the most popular choice for many industrial applications. It has a modular design and is known for its high-performance, reliability and long service life. WS-1000 pump is suitable for pumping a wide range of liquids and gases, including air and light hydrocarbons. It is also able to handle low-viscosity products and is extremely energy-efficient, consuming less energy than conventional pumps. It is equipped with a common motor that operates at variable speed, allowing the user to accurately adjust the flow rate for different applications. The pump consists of a special motor, drive and control equipment. The motor has an overcurrent and overtemperature protection system to automatically shut down the unit if it gets too hot or too much current is drawn, preventing damage to the pump. The drive unit includes a high-efficiency gearbox which is highly reliable and offers quiet operation. The control machine includes a variety of switches, digital displays and indicators to show the current operating status. LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS-1000 range of pumps can provide flow rates of up to 9,000 ml/minute and is capable of producing vacuum pressures up to 1 x 10-3 mbar. This range is ideally suited for applications such as Vacuum Distillation, Vacuum Concentration, Thin Film Evaporation, and Vacuum Filtration. It can also be used in combination with desiccant and inert gas backfill systems for dust-free environments. This pump is very easy to maintain and service as it features a self-contained lubrication tool and readily accessible service ports. The pump also displays a very low lifecycle cost, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications requiring frequent use. WS-1000 pumps are certified to comply with the Certification Directive CE and are available in various versions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
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