Used LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS 2001 #184108 for sale

WS 2001
ID: 184108
Blower, parts system.
LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS 2001 is a diaphragm pump and a reliable, cost-effective vacuum solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. This pump features a direct-drive motor and a floating housing, allowing for precise and reliable operation. The pump's power requirements are between 6-25 amps and it operates in a range of 50-1600 mbar with a maximum capacity of approximately 1.6cfm. The pump can be operated in either dry mode or vapor mode, and with a low-noise enclosure of 48 dB, it can provide a quiet and efficient operation. WS 2001 features simple maintenance with easy-to-replace diaphragms and non-contact seals that reduce operational wear. These features, along with its lightweight design, make it a dependable and economical choice for a range of applications, such as atmospheric pressure operation, and rough, medium and fine-tuning vacuum applications. The pump can also be used in a variety of different temperature ranges, such as ambient and high temperature applications. It has a built-in electronic control and automatic interlock systems to reduce the risk of malfunction. It also features a hefty and durable construction and reliable performance due to its corrosion-resistant materials. Furthermore, LEYBOLD HERAEUS WS 2001 is designed to provide an easy installation and control capacity, with easy-to-use LED indicators. It also has a low-maintenance operation due to its self-lubricating motor and corrosion-resistant finish. The motor has a design temperature range of 10-45°C and a running temperature range of 0-60°C. Overall, WS 2001 pump is a reliable, cost-effective and durable vacuum solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. It provides precision and consistent operation with its simple maintenance and advanced electronics, and can operate in varying temperature ranges with its built-in interlock systems. Finally, it has an easy installation and control capacity, along with its low-maintenance operation and reliable performance.
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